‘Kairos’ Ahn Bo-Hyun, transformed into an elite businessman of ‘Cold and Hot Handsome’

'Kairos' Ahn Bo-Hyun, transformed into an elite businessman of 'Cold and Hot Handsome'
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Actor Ahn Bo-Hyun showed his extraordinary affection for ‘Kairos‘.

On the 21st, MBC’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Kairos‘ released a still cut of Ahn Bo-hyun.

Kairos‘ is a across time to save a loved one by Kim Seo-jin (played by Shin Seong-rok) and Han Ae-ri (played by Lee Se-young) who have to find a missing mother a month after their young daughter was kidnapped and in despair. It is a struggling time crossing thriller.

In the drama, Ahn Bo-Hyun plays a hot role as Manager Seo Do-gyun, the right arm of Yoo Joong Construction Director Kim Seo-jin. With good face and skill, he gains Seojin’s strong confidence. He is the first to notice the cracks in Seojin’s project, which he had been trying to win, and raises curiosity that he sets fire to an unpredictable story.

Ahn Bo-hyun expressed strong confidence in the synchro rate with Seo Do-gyun, saying, “99.9%? There are many similarities”. “I think that the more the character Do-gyun has the passion and the persistence toward the goal, the more similar he plays.” In addition, he expressed his infinite affection for the character by adding “Do-gyun seems to be more sophisticated and smarter than me.”

On the other hand, as Ahn Bo-Hyun means “‘opportunity’ and’special time’, I think ‘Kairos‘ is an opportunity to show me a new acting. He is sharp and cold, but on the one hand, I think he can show a soft and warm anti-war charm.”

In this way, Ahn Bo-Hyun is not only showing the handsome visuals that make the viewer feel heartbroken, but also the perfect synchro rate with Seo Do-gyun, the character of anti-war charm, and heralds the spirit of cold-warm handsomeness, thus stimulating the expectations of viewers. Ahn Bo-Hyun’s acting, who robs the gaze with a colorful charm that goes back and forth between coldness and passion, raises expectations on how to capture viewers.

Kairos‘ is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time on October 26th.



‘Kairos’ Ahn Bo-Hyun, transformed into an elite businessman of ‘Cold and Hot Handsome’

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