‘Kairos’ Shin Seong-rok x Lee Se-young, 5 people 5 color character poster

'Kairos' Shin Seong-rok x Lee Se-young, 5 people 5 color character poster
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Kairos‘ released a character poster, predicting a time crossing thriller of five men and women.

Five posters featuring the characters of Shin Seong-rok (playing Kim Seo-jin), Lee Se-young (Han Ae-ri), Ahn Bo-hyun (Seo Do-gyun), Nam Gyu-ri (Kang Hyun-chae), and Kang Seung-yoon (Lim Kun-wook) were unveiled in MBC’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Kairos’, which airs for the first time on the 26th.

Kairos‘ is about a man named Kim Seo-jin (played by Shin Seong-rok) who fell in despair a month after his young daughter was kidnapped, and Han A-ri (Lee Se-young), a woman who had to find a missing mother a month ago, struggling to save a loved one. It is a time crossing thriller drama.

The released character poster contains a message full of the stories of each actor, which stimulates curiosity in the thriller of’Time Crossing’ that they will draw.

First of all, Shin Seong-rok captures the attention with his gruesome eyes as if revealing a story that shakes the whole life of his daughter’s abduction. Over the image of him talking to someone on the phone, the tragic line of “Han Ae-ri will save my life, and I will save Han Ae-ri” makes prospective viewers excited.

Shin Seong-rok is raising expectations by playing the role of ‘Kim Seo-jin’, the youngest director in the play with his cool analytical power and competence, and expressing the inner human being gradually collapsed due to the sudden misfortune while running on the tantan street.

Kairos 카이로스

Lee Se-young played the role of ‘Han Ae-ri’, a three-job job-preparatory student who must prepare for a job and a job at the same time. One day, it is interesting to say that she is holding the hand of the future man Seo-jin Kim to find her mother who has disappeared.

She, with a sluggish expression, is accompanied by the phrase “We will be able to save each other”, so I wonder what the collaboration between Shin Sung-rok and Lee Se-young will look like.

Kairos 카이로스

In addition, Ahn Bo-hyun, who revealed a desperate face between light and darkness, said, “I will put everything back. must… With an unusual determination, attention is focused on the unpredictable story he will bring.

‘Seo Do-gyun’ to be drawn by Ahn Bo-Hyun is the only employee recognized by Kim Seo-jin, and it amplifies curiosity by saying that he leads an unexpected story when he first learns about the cracks in his work.

Kairos 카이로스

The figure of Nam Gyu-ri, who will perform as Kang Hyun-chae, Kim Seo-jin’s wife and daughter Kim Da-bin (Shim Hye-yeon), also attracts attention. “I have no confidence to live without Da-bin… The site where violinist Kang Hyeon-chae was completed with the message of giving up life and her delicate image.

Attention is drawn to how the life of Hyeon-chae Kang, who has lost the family he has always dreamed of, will be drawn.

Kairos 카이로스

Finally, Kang Seung-yoon is disassembled as Han Ae-ri’s reassuring helper ‘Lim Kun-wook’, showing a character who is determined to jump in anything for her. He is said to be the main character helping Han Ae-ri who is connected with Kim Seo-Jin in the future, and he plans to add a different fun to the narrative that passes through time.

MBC’s new Monday and Tuesday mini-series ‘Kairos‘ will be broadcast for the first time on the 26th.



‘Kairos’ Shin Seong-rok x Lee Se-young, 5 people 5 color character poster

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