KBS Drama Special: Hee-Soo

Hee-Soo (희수) torrent
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  • Drama: Hee-Soo (희수)
  • Network: KBS2, Wavve
  • Episodes: 1
  • Air Date: October 8, 2021 (Wavve) / October 22, 2021 (KBS2)


In ‘Hee-soo’, Hwang Joo-eun (Jeon So-min) and Ko Tae-hoon (Park Seong-hoon) lost their six-year-old daughter Hee-soo (Kim Yun-seul) in a car accident. The story is about a couple walking a path of irreversible despair while restoring their dead daughter through VR.

‘Hee-soo’ begins the story with a conflict between her daughter Hee-soo, who is obsessed with a VR program that restores the shape of her dead dog, Gurumi, and her mother, Hwang Joo-eun, who is displeased with it. Hwang Joo-eun, who was invited to the house of Lee Jun-beom (Kim Kang-hyun), a developer of a VR program and her husband Go Tae-hoon’s friend, was concerned that the child might confuse reality with virtual reality.

However, when Hee-soo suddenly showed violent behavior, such as throwing stones at Lee Jun-beom’s wife Kim Sang-mi (Park Ha-na), Hwang Joo-eun’s worries grew. A great tragedy swept her life, where there were minor conflicts, such as worries about children and difficulties at work.

Hwang Joo-eun stopped her car on the road and looked for a moment, while Hee-soo got out of the car and was hit by a truck. For her, who is having a hard time returning to daily life because she could not let her daughter die in vain, Jun-beom Lee recommended that Hee-soo, who died in VR, be restored and meet again, and this was the beginning of the tragedy.

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KBS Drama Special: Hee-Soo

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