Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Kingdom: Ashin of the North (킹덤: 아신전)
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  • Special Drama: Kingdom: Ashin of the North (킹덤: 아신전)
  • Network: Netflix
  • Episodes: 1
  • Air Date: July 23 2021
  • Duration: 92 minutes


Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a special episode of the ‘Kingdom‘ series that tells the story of Saengsacho and Asin, the beginning of the great tragedy that engulfed Joseon.

If Season 1 of ‘Kingdom’ marked the beginning of the epic drama by depicting the plague caused by the hunger of the rulers for power and the hunger of the people, Season 2 showed a greater scale and depth with a bloody struggle over bloodlines.

The ‘Kingdom’ series, which has fascinated the world with its new imagination and vast worldview, moves to the north and pursues the origins of all stories.

Writer Kim Eun-hee, who introduced “‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ is a story about ‘Han (恨),'” said writer Kim Eun-hee, “If the choice of the ruling class played a decisive role in the previous series, this time those who did not have it, the lowest class, will be the protagonist ”, raising curiosity about the story the new characters will tell.

‘Kingdom: Asinjeon’ begins when Asin, who lived in a village on the northern border of Joseon, wanders in search of medicinal herbs for her sick mother, and finds ‘Saengsacho’. However, Ashin, who is left alone after losing all of her family in a sudden attack on the village, vows revenge and lives in pain every day. Director Kim Seong-hoon said, “The theme of ‘Kingdom: Asin’ is ‘Han (恨)’ of one person and one group. Asin is the person whose emotions are the most concentrated.”

Writer Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hoon said, “‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ is the starting point of the stories that will follow”, “If season 1 of ‘Kingdom’ served as a cornerstone, the special episode ‘Kingdom: The Story of God’ is more than that. It is a stepping stone to get there,” he said, raising his thirst for a bigger story and scale that will begin in ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’.


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