Lady Daddy

Lady Daddy Lee na-young (아빠가 여자를 좋아해) / Dad Likes Women
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  • Movie: Lady Daddy (아빠가 여자를 좋아해) / Dad Likes Women
  • Release Date: January 14, 2010
  • Runtime: 113 minutes


Lady Daddy is about Photographer Ji-hyeon (Lee Na-young), busy with film stills and preparing for a solo exhibition, continues a serious meeting with special makeup artist Jun-seo (Kim Ji-seok).

One day, as their romance with Jun-seo is ripening, 9-year-old Yubin (Kim Hee-soo) comes to see Ji-hyun holding a note with her address on it.

Ji-hyeon asks for his parents’ names after hearing Yu-bin’s explanation that she has come to visit his biological father. The moment the names Min-gyu and Bo-young are named, Ji-hyeon falls into a nightmare she never wants to remember.

Lady Daddy

  Lady (68.7 KiB, 19 hits)

Lady Daddy

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