Law of the Jungle in Myanmar

Law of the Jungle Torrent Files
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Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality-documentary show that airs on SBS. Each episode features celebrities sent to survive in remote locations around the world.

  • TV Show: Law of the Jungle in Myanmar
  • Native Title: 정글의 법칙 in 미얀마
  • Also Known As: Jeonggeul-eui Beopchik
  • Episodes:
  • Aired: Jul 13, 2019
  • Aired On: Saturday
  • Network: SBS
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Genres: Adventure


The Law of the Jungle is a hybrid reality show combining elements of drama with a background in documentary settings. The show introduces viewers to exotic locations where celebrities must work together in order to complete missions and survive.

Law of the Jungle Torrent Files

EP.376 – Blue Lagoon

The members of 43rd Byung Man’s Tribe enjoy a hearty meal with a chicken and papaya kimchi. After they eat as much as they can, they fall asleep peacefully. On the next day, Team Dong Hyun tries to find a place to camp. They find a cave full of bats. Team Byung Man meets the generous Tribe Intha.

EP.377 -nbsp;They Finish the Survival in Myanmar

The 43rd Byung Man’s Tribe finishes the survival in Myanmar. Team Byung Man is served with a nice meal by the Intha family. So they try to catch fish and make a safety net at their house. BM and Saebom focus on catching fish for hours. Soo Ah shows off her Magic Powder to make the soup rich.

EP.378 – The Mergui Archipelago

The second party arrives at the Mergui Archipelago. From the beginning, they meet a storm and evacuate to the closest island. Actor Oh Dae Hwan shows his positive side in the crisis and adapts to the jungle perfectly. San Ha tells the members that he will become the second Cha Eun Woo, and YUQI goes out to pick fruit in the forest. Mr.Boombox joins for the first time, and Jung Chul and Bo Reum are back again.

Episodes Law of the Jungle Torrent files Subtitles
376 Law of the Jungle.E376 Torrent File Episode 376
377 Law of the Jungle.E377 Torrent File Episode 377
378 Law of the Jungle.E378 Torrent File Episode 378
379 Law of the Jungle.E379 Torrent File Episode 379


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Law of the Jungle in Myanmar

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