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Like for Likes (좋아해줘) torrent
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  • Movie: Like for Likes (좋아해줘)
  • Release Date: February 18, 2016
  • Runtime: 120 minutes


Like for Likes is a romantic comedy that depicts the process of three couples getting to know each other using social media and gradually getting closer. Lee Mi-yeon and Yoo Ah-in split up as drama writers and Hallyu stars, unfolding a straightforward yet candid romance, and Kim Joo-hyuk and Choi Ji-woo acted as a couple who accidentally live together in the same house and become close. Kang Ha-neul and Esom, respectively, portrayed a fresh romance by disassembling a man and a woman who excelled in love.

All three couples drew attention by revealing their distinct romantic colors. Ahead of the drama casting, Jo Kyung-ah (Lee Mi-yeon) and Noh Jin-woo (Yoo Ah-in) keep fighting and do not bend their pride. In this process, the secrets between the two of them were revealed, and at the decisive moment, Noh Jin-woo’s post on SNS has a great influence on the romantic atmosphere of the two couples.

Ham Joo-ran (Choi Ji-woo), a stewardess, and Jeong Seong-chan (Kim Joo-hyeok), a Japanese restaurant owner, accidentally get entangled as a landlord and a tenant and live together in the same house. They also lamented each other and showed affection.

Like for Likes 

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Like for Likes

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