Little Forest

Little Forest (리틀 포레스트)
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Little Forest is a healing film for city dwellers who are hit by work and cannot see the passing of the four seasons properly, those who want to live in harmony with nature at some point, and city dwellers whose breath is suffocating.

  • Movie: Little Forest (리틀 포레스트)
  • Release Date: February 28, 2018
  • Runtime: 103 min.
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A work based on the Japanese manga of the same name. In Japan, ‘Little Forest: Summer and Autumn’ and ‘Little Forest: Winter and Spring’ were first made into movies and received a lot of love.

The Korean version of ‘Little Forest’ has been adapted to fit the Korean sentiment while preserving the original’s sensibility and key points. Hye-Won (Kim Tae-Ri) leads a country life, is self-sufficient, and sets up a seasonal table. However, instead of the cat, Hye-won’s character Oh-gu is with her. A typical Korean country house. This white ball is also a device for security in a country house where a young woman lives alone. Director Lim Soon-rye explained, “I set it up so that the audience can see Hye-won with a safe mind, with her aunt living near her house and friends visiting from time to time.” Director Lim also set the timing of Hye-won’s mother (Moon So-ri) to run away after Hye-won became an adult. He said, “If Hye-won’s mother ran away before the entrance exam, Korean audiences would not understand.” Even though it is a Japanese original, the film is Korean thanks to the careful adaptation of the production team.

Little Forest

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Little Forest

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