Made in Rooftop

Made in Rooftop (메이드 인 루프탑)
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  • Movie: Made in Rooftop (메이드 인 루프탑)
  • Release Date: June 23, 2021
  • Runtime: 87 min.


It tells the story of Haneul (Lee Hong-nae), a job seeker who is on the first day of separation, and Bong-sik (Jung-hwi), who is on the first day of some, living in love in their own way.

Haneul spit ‘Let’s break up’ to his lover Jungmin (Kang Jungwoo), whom he had been living with for three years, as a habit, but in the end, he was delivered with a suitcase containing her luggage and was kicked out.

Bong-sik is a YOLO member who spends the money he earned while doing Internet broadcasting BJ. Although it is a rooftop room, the interior is comparable to that of a luxury boutique, and he is a hipster who lives only today without knowing anything about savings.

He shouts that he will only live to the age of 40 and that he does not need a relationship, but he meets Min-ho (Kwak Min-gyu), a man who actively dashes.

The story development is simple. The story of ‘youth’ is well expressed with the image of millennials such as job seekers and BJs. What is unusual is their love part. If love between men and women is common, ‘Made in Rooftop’ talks about love between man and man.

In this process, the description of the romance of sexual minorities in today’s age comes anew. It is a completely different atmosphere from previous queer films.

Made in Rooftop

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Made in Rooftop

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