Master in the House 집사부일체

Master in the House

by monabac

Master in the House is a new variety program where Lee Seung Gi, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Lee Sang Yoon, and Yang Se Hyung visit the home of a famous figure and spend the night with them in order to learn about their lives.

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  • TV Show: Master in the House (The Butlers , All the butlers , Jipsabu)
  • Native Title: 집사부일체
  • Aired On: Sunday
  • Network: SBS


Master in the House Torrent Files: Almost everyone has a question regarding life and the goal of life. In order to find the answer, the four young men with full of curiosity regarding their lives, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yun, Yuk Seong Jae, and Yang Se Hyeong, head to find their master to learn things and get a correct answer. They find the master and spend a day in the master’s place to learn things that they didn’t know, and wish to know. Whom will they get to meet? And what will they learn throughout the stay?

Master in the House Torrent Files

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