Melting Me Softly

날 녹여주오 / Melting Me Softly Let Me Melt
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Melting Me Softly tells the story of a man and a woman who are both frozen during an experiment. They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hours later and must keep their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive.

Ma Dong Chan is known in the entertainment world as a “hit maker.” A very successful producer of variety programs when every project he attaches himself to turns into a ratings juggernaut, Dong Chan is considered “a manly specimen of manhood, with perfect physical and handsome features who is coldly cool in work and hot in love.” The broadcast station where PD Ma’s productions are filmed also employs part-timer Go Mi Ran, who finds herself in a bind with debt collectors harassing her family for repayment of her family’s debts.

Mi Ran eventually becomes involved with PD Ma’s new variety program entitled “24-Hour Frozen Human Project,” which revolves around an experiment where a man and woman are randomly chosen to be “frozen human specimens” and scheduled to be brought back within 24 hours of their entering the freezing chambers. In order to pay off her family debts, Mi Ran accepts an offer of 5 million won (approx. $4,200 USD) in exchange for being frozen for 24 hours. Due to a mysterious conspiracy, instead of being frozen for 24 hours, they remain frozen for 20 years. Their thawing 20 years later bring up personal difficulties that were in place before entering the freezing chamber that they must resolve before resuming their normal lives.

Dong Chan and Mi Ran start out resenting each other whilst trying to reverse their lives and find out the side effects of frozen human experimentation, with one affecting their very existence – the need to keep their average body temperature close to 31.5°C (88.7ºF) in order to survive.

  • Drama: Melting Me Softly (Engish title) / Let Me Melt (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Nal Nokyeojuo
  • Hangul: 날 녹여주오
  • Director: Shin Woo-Cheol
  • Writer: Baek Mi-Kyeong
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 28, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
  • Genre: Romance


Due to a mysterious conspiracy, a man and a woman, who took part in a 24 hour freezing project, wake up 20 years later, instead of 24 hours later. In order to survive, the man and the woman have to keep their average core body temperature at 31.5°C. Their relationship develop romantically.

Ma Dong-Chan is a PD, who works on a popular variety show. He and other participants take part in the variety show’s 24 hour freezing people project. Ma Dong-Chan is supposed to wake up 24 hours after being frozen, but, when he wakes up, he finds out that 20 years has passed. His appearance is the same as when he was frozen, but his parents, younger brother, girlfriend and co-workers have all aged significantly. To survive, Ma Dong-Chan has to keep his average core body temperature at 33°C.


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Melting Me Softly

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