Midnight (미드나이트)
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Midnight is a silent chase thriller in which a deaf person, Kyung-mi (Jin Ki-joo), who witnessed a murder in the middle of the night, becomes a new target for the two-faced serial killer Do-sik (Wi Ha-joon). In an extreme situation where you can’t even hear the footsteps of those who are chasing you, the chase and the cool action deliver thriller pleasure. Jin Ki-joo, Wi Ha-jun, Park Hoon, Gil Hae-yeon, and Kim Hye-yoon‘s unspoiled ho-yeon is added, announcing the birth of an entertainment movie that will blow away the sweltering heat this summer.

  • Movie: Midnight (미드나이트)
  • Air Date: June 30, 2021
  • Duration:


The famous scene chosen by Jin Ki-joo is the parking lot chase scene. It is the first chase scene in which ‘Kyung-mi’, who has become a new target of a serial killer from an eyewitness to the incident, has a serial killer ‘Shi-Ki’.

In a situation where she cannot even hear the footsteps of those who are following her, and desperately fleeing to the parking lot where even the slightest noise resounds, ‘Kyung-mi’ carefully gets into her car. As he looked around with frightened eyes that he might have heard the door opening, the noise detector in the car moves and ‘Schematic’ appears with a cruel smile from the back seat. “Crazy! I don’t know if I was able to breathe properly while watching the movie due to the tension. It was the most terrifying movie in all of Korea and so on, the audience also watched while holding their breath, wondering if ‘Scheok’ would come to hear the sound of ‘Kyungmi’.


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