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  • Movie: Miracle (기적)/ Miracle: Letters to the President
  • Release Date: 15 September, 2021
  • Air Time: 117 minutes


‘Miracle’ is a movie about the story of Jun-kyung (Park Jung-min) and the people of the neighborhood, whose only life goal is to create a simple station in a village where there is no train station, although the only way to go back and forth is the train.

The main poster showed Park Jung-min, Lee Seong-min, Lim Yoon-ah, and Lee Soo-kyung looking warmly through the window. Park Jung-min plays Jun-kyung, a 4D math genius whose goal is to build a train station in the village, and Lim Yoon-a plays Ra-hee, a self-proclaimed ‘muse’ and an outspoken activist. Lee Seong-min and Lee Soo-kyung take on the roles of Tae-yoon, a principled engineer and a blunt father, and Bo-gyeong, an older sister who pretends to be indifferent.


  1. Trailer for ‘Miracle’ starring Park Jung-min x Yoon-A… Fresh story + warm sympathy.
  2. An online press for the movie ‘Miracle’ Park Jung-min x Lim Yoon-ah.


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