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  • Movie: Moby Dick (모비딕)
  • Release Date: June 9, 2011
  • Air Time: 112 minutes


In 1994, a mysterious explosion occurred at Balam Bridge near Seoul.

In front of veteran social affairs reporter Lee Bang-woo (Hwang Jung-min), who was covering the case, Yoon-hyeok (Jin-goo), a junior from his hometown, whom he had lost contact with for a long time, appears.

Yoon-hyuk handed Lee Bang-woo a encrypted floppy disk and documents, saying that the bombing of the Balam Bridge was fabricated.

Lee Bang-woo forms a special reporting team with fellow reporters Son Jin-ki (Kim Sang-ho) and Seong Hyo-gwan (Kim Min-hee) to track the case, but is threatened by an unknown gang.

The investigative agency quickly announces that it is the work of a North Korean spy, and Lee Bang-woo and others discover that there is a dark power such as the ‘shadow government’ that takes control of the entire country at will by unleashing big events at important times.

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Moby Dick

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