‘More Than Friends’ mixed heart signals in a subtle atmosphere?

'More Than Friends' mixed heart signals in a subtle atmosphere?
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Who is the number of fate that came to Shin Ye-eun?

On the 17th, JTBC’s new Friday and Saturday drama ‘More Than Friends‘, which will be aired for the first time on the 25th, released a third poster with a strange triangular composition of Lee Soo (played by Ong Seong-woo), Kyung Ji Yeon (played by Shin Ye-eun), and On Jun-soo (played by Kim Dong-jun).

If you look at Lee-soo from behind one step, the three people’s cross-hearted signal of the heart stimulates curiosity, including Yeon’s gaze and On Jun-su appearing in front of them.

More Than Friends‘ depicts the real youth romance of two men and women who crush each other over 10 years. After a long unrequited love, a woman who hides her sincerity, a man who only wants to realize her heart and reveal her sincerity, and More Than Friends of becoming a lover from a friend cause thrilling excitement.

Here, the combination of Ong Seong-woo, Shin Ye-eun, Kim Dong-jun, Jo Ji-hoon, Ahn Eun-jin, Choi Chan-ho, and Baek Su-min, who will portray the colorful stories of youth in a pleasant and honest way, is heating up expectations.

The 3rd poster unveiled on this day contained a brief moment of Lee Soo, Kyung Hee Yeon, and Jun Soo On, who were soaked in love that suddenly came, like a sudden shower. Lee Soo, who is soaked in thoughts, is walking on the street with earphones on. If you look at Lee Soo one step from behind. There is a somewhat vague atmosphere in the eyes that are familiar with Lee Soo.

If you are facing Lee soo, whether you know Yeon’s heart or not, On Junsu wets one shoulder and puts an umbrella on him. The three people’s different hearts, captured in a moment, signal the beginning of a thrilling triangular romance. The phrase “falling into the number of love, as if it were a fate, as if it was a coincidence,” over mixed gazes stimulates curiosity about who is the “number” of fate that came to Kyung-hee.

More Than Friends‘ is honest with their own heart, but the romance of young people who are a little poor in love unfolds realistically and interestingly. The synergy of ‘hot’ popular actors Ong Seong-woo, Shin Ye-eun, and Kim Dong-jun makes’youth romance’ full of excitement more and more awaited.

Number of Cases More Than Friends 경우의 수

Ong Seong-woo is the best love of all and the incarnation of self-love, photographer Lee Soo-ro, and Shin Ye-eun is decomposed into a calligrapher Ju-yeon, a crushed crush of unrequited love. Kim Dong-jun is expected to raise the romance tension by taking the role of’On Jun-su’, a straight man who appeared like fate.

It is expected that the relationship between Lee Soo and Kyung Woo-Yeon, who stood at the border between friends and lovers, and On Jun-soo, who appeared in front of them, will evoke empathy and excitement at the same time.

The production crew of ‘More Than Friends’ said, “Ong Seong-woo is an actor who has a cold image and a friendly tone, and his eyes wet with excellence go well with Sue with a wound. The feeling of his first love,’her’, full of stories, and the hobby of taking pictures and the occasional playfulness perfectly matched the character.”

“Shin Ye-eun is the actor Kyung Woo-Yeon itself. She knows how to show the depth of her feelings while being clear, and knows how to neutralize them with loveliness when her feelings deepen. It was a good expression of a coincidence with a lot of emotion.

Kim Dong-jun is an actor with sincerity in his eyes, and he has a lot of resemblance to Junsu, who goes straight with all his heart and sincere appearance with the wound of his first love.” He expressed his trust in the three actors.

Meanwhile, ‘More Than Friends‘ will be broadcast for the first time at 11 pm on the 25th (Fri).



‘More Than Friends’ mixed heart signals in a subtle atmosphere?

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