Move To Heaven

Move To Heaven (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다)
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Move To Heaven is a work about the process of unraveling the stories left by the dead while Han Geu-Roo (Tang Joon-Sang) who has Asperger’s syndrome and Jo Sang-Koo (Lee Je-Hoon), who suddenly became his guardian, runs a keepsake organizer.

  • Drama: Move To Heaven (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다)
  • Network: Netflix
  • Episodes: 10
  • Air Date: May 14 2021
  • Official Website


Tang Joon-Sang introduced his job as a keepsake organizer as “a job that organizes items left behind by the deceased and delivers them to bereaved families and acquaintances.”

Lee Je-hoon introduced, “Ancestor Sang-goo’s character is dirty and does not wash well. He is playing an illegal martial arts player, and he was a boxer in the past. A person who lives roughly, who uses his body carelessly and makes money through it. “Sang-Koo has a negative view of the world and has grown lonely without feeling the warmth of the world, but it changes as he joins ‘Move to Heaven’ and listens to people’s stories.”


  1. Move To Heaven is inspired by the nonfiction essay “Ddeonan Hooe Namgyeojin Geotdeul” by Kim Sae-Byeol, the first generation keepsake organizer in Korea.

Move To Heaven

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Move To Heaven

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