Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

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Joo Tae-Joo (Lee Sung-Min) is an ace agent for the NIS. He carries out an assignment to guard a VIP. Due to a sudden accident, the VIP disappears and Joo Tae-Joo mistakenly falls down. After the fall, Joo Tae-Joo can hear and understand animals when they talk. With the help of military dog Ali, Joo Tae-Joo tries to find the VIP.

  • Movie: Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP
  • Revised romanization: Miseuteo Joo: Sarajin VIP
  • Hangul: 미스터 주: 사라진 VIP
  • Director: Kim Tae-Yoon
  • Writer: Kim Tae-Yoon
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: January 22, 2020
  • Runtime: 113 min.
  • Genre: Comedy / Animal
  • Distributor: Little Big Pictures


Top National Security agent Tae-ju who is rapidly rising up the ranks, dislikes all animals. In order to obtain his next promotion, he volunteers to take on a mission in which he has to protect a special Chinese panda named Ming-Ming. At its welcoming ceremony, Ming-Ming is kidnapped by an international terrorist organization. While chasing after the terrorists, Tae-ju injures his head and knocks out. When he finally regains consciousness, he finds out that he now possesses a strange ability to talk to the animals and finds sole witness to the kidnapping incident – a stubborn retired military dog named Ali.
Wanting to retake the title as the top agent, Tae-ju and Ali become unlikely partners on a mission to rescue Ming-Ming.


  1. Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP Filming began July 9, 2018 and finished October 22, 2018.

Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

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Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

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