Muoi The Legend of a Portrait

Muoi The Legend of a Portrait (므이) torrent
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  • Movie: Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (므이)
  • Release Date: July 26, 2007
  • Air Time: 96 minutes


‘Muoi’ is a horror movie depicting the revenge of a ghost with a portrait of a curse as a motif. The story of a young woman who died unjustly 100 years ago as a ghost and wanders around Gucheon, and then unleashes a bundle of curses in modern times is one of the most classic branches of the horror genre. As such, there is a weakness in starting with an ‘obvious story’ from the beginning. Therefore, the key is how to decorate the familiar setting with novelty. ‘Mei’ found a solution in the space of Vietnam.

The stage was set in an exotic rural village in Vietnam, and the main characters were dressed in ao dai, which succeeded in creating an atmosphere different from the existing Korean horror. ‘Muoi’ is the first to bring the country of Vietnam to the forefront of fear.

The process of repeating the terrible curse is also interesting. Usually, the genre rule is that the story ends when the resentment is resolved, but ‘Muoi’ is not like that. This is because the ghost of the Vietnamese virgin Muoi continues to live with humans as hosts. So the ending is the beginning of another revenge. The setting in which the curse is transferred gives a creepy feeling like watching the ‘Ring’ series.

Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (85.1 KiB, 88 hits)

Muoi The Legend of a Portrait

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