My First Client

My First Client (어린 의뢰인)
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  • Movie: My First Client (어린 의뢰인)
  • Release Date: May 22, 2019
  • Runtime: 114 min.


My First Client is a moving drama based on a true story about the truth that a lawyer Jung-Yeob (Lee Dong-Hwi), who only wanted a career, met a 10-year-old girl Da-Bin (Choi Myung-Bin) who confessed to killing her 7-year-old brother Min-Joon (Lee Joo-Won) .

Attention is focused on the reason why the 10-year-old girl Dabin, a 10-year-old girl, which has emerged as the most anticipated film of 2019 with an explosive response through the national premiere, made a confession that shocked everyone. In the movie, ‘Dabin’ makes a shocking choice to confess to herself that she was the murderer of her only brother, ‘Min-Jun’. It is said that the decisive reason for this choice is that ‘Dabin’ fell into ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and curiosity is focused.

‘Stockholm Syndrome’ is a phenomenon in which a person with greater power than himself/herself feels psychologically sympathetic to the perpetrator or positive emotions such as compassion in a situation where his or her life is threatened. This is what happens when a child is abused by their parents, lives with the abusive parent, and realizes that there is no escape from them.

My First Client 

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My First Client

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