My Paparotti

My Paparotti (파파로티) torrent
  • Movie: My Paparotti (파파로티)
  • Release Date: March 14, 2013
  • Air Time: 127 minutes


‘Paparotti’ is a film about the story of Sang-jin (Han Seok-gyu), a music teacher at a local art high school, who was once a promising vocalist but now runs out of time, and Jang-ho (Lee Je-hoon), a vocal genius high school student who dreams of becoming a Paparotti even though he is a member of the organization.

Han Seok-gyu was once a promising vocalist, but now he takes on the role of Sang-jin, a music teacher who spends a lot of time in the countryside without affection for students or passion for education. He is a person who hides his human side in his harsh personality.

Lee Je-hoon plays Jang-ho, a vocal genius who has lived his life with only his fists, but has an extraordinary passion for music and innate talent. He plans to show more mature acting through vocal music and dialect acting. Oh Dal-soo, who plays the role of Eom Chin-ah, principal Deok-saeng, and Jo Jin-woong, who plays Chang-su, add a lot of fun.

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My Paparotti

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