Night and Day

Night and Day 밤과 낮
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Night and Day: In the summer of 2007 a painter in his forties travels to Paris to escape arrest for smoking marijuana, leaving his wife behind in Korea. While there he meets an ex-girlfriend and is introduced to a small community of Korean artists.

  • Movie: Night and Day
  • Revised Romanization: Bamgwa Nat
  • Hangul: 밤과 낮
  • Director: Hong Sang-Soo
  • Writer: Hong Sang-Soo
  • Producer: Michel Cho
  • Cinematographer: Kim Hoon-Kwang
  • Release Date: February 28, 2008
  • Runtime : 144 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Arthouse


Kim Seong-Nam (Kim Young-Ho) is a successful married painter of around forty years of age. He is now standing at the airport in Paris with a huge suitcase – for Seong-Nam is on the run from a jail sentence in Korea because he was caught smoking marijuana, and drunk, at a casual get together.

Seong-Nam finds a place to stay at a rundown hostel in the 14th Arrondisse­ment; the hotel belongs to a Korean man. He spends his time wandering aimlessly about the streets of the city on the Seine, or meandering through the park – for there’s little else for him to do here. By chance he runs into his ex-girlfriend Min-Seon (Kim Yoo-Jin), but the unexpected encounter leaves him cold. Sung-Nam loves his wife and his thoughts are constantly with the woman he had to leave behind on her own in Korea.

But then he meets Yoo-Jung (Park Eun-Hye), a young Korean woman who is studying art in Paris and her flat-mate, Hyeon-Ju. Seong-Nam falls head over heels in love in this pretty and mysterious young woman. He also falls in love with Paris.

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Night and Day

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