No Mercy

No Mercy 용서는 없다
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No Mercy: Despite being nearly proven the murderer, a serial killer threatens to kill the daughter of a forensic pathologist if he doesn’t get him bailed out.

  • Movie: No Mercy
  • Revised romanization: Yongseoneun Eupda
  • Hangul: 용서는 없다
  • Director: Kim Hyung-Jun
  • Writer: Kim Hyung-Jun, Lee Jung-Ho
  • Producer: Kang Woo-Suk
  • Cinematographer: Kim Woo-Hyung
  • Release Date: January 7, 2010
  • Runtime: 125 min.
  • Genre: Suspense-Thriller / Crime
  • Production Company: Cinema Service, The Dream Pictures
  • Distributor: Cinema Service


Sol Kyung-Gu plays a staff member of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) in South Korea. He attempts to uncover the identity of a mysterious serial killer who decapitates his victims. Ryoo Seung-Bum plays a environmentalist who holds clues to unravel the mystery.

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No Mercy

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