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  • Movie: On The Line (보이스)
  • Release Date: 15 September, 2021
  • Air Time:


‘On the Line’ is a real crime that takes place when ‘Seo-Jun’ (Byun Yo-Han), who has lost everything after being caught in the trap of a voice phishing organization, infiltrates a stronghold in China to recover the stolen money, and meets ‘Pro Kwak’ (Kim Mu-Yeol), a voice phishing designer.

In the released character poster, the appearance of each of the four people and the four colors is the first thing that catches the eye. Along with the phrase ‘chasing to the end, you will surely get it back’, the desperate pursuit of ‘Han Seo-joon’ (Byun Yo-han), who lost everything through voice phishing and infiltrated into his stronghold, seems urgent.

The appearance of ‘Pro Kwak’ (Kim Mu-yeol), who foretells the most memorable villain in 2021, is smiling while directing the voice phishing operation, showing the atrocities and showing a sharp contrast with the desperate ‘Seo-Jun Han’.

The visuals of ‘Lee Gyu-ho’ (Kim Hee-won), the team leader of the intelligent crime investigation team that persistently pursues voice phishing criminals, and ‘Chun-cheon’ (Park Myung-hoon), the absolute watcher of the voice phishing stronghold, make people look forward to the synergy that intense characters will create as they collide.


  1. Byun Yo-han X Kim Mu-yeol X Kim Hee-won X Park Myung-hoon 4 character posters released.
  2. The reason why ‘On the Line’ is more attractive than other crime films.

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On The Line

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