Once Again

한 번 다녀왔습니다 / Once Again
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Once Again is a story about love and family based on the Song Family, who never have a peaceful day. It tells the story of a turbulent divorce that shakes up a family and, in the process, sets each of the family members on the path to finding his or her own happiness.

  • Drama: Once Again (English title) / I Have Been There Once (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Han Bun Danyeowasseubmida
  • Hangul: 한 번 다녀왔습니다
  • Director: Lee Jae-Sang
  • Writer: Yang Hee-Seung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 100
  • Release Date: March 28 – September 13, 2020
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Song Young-Dal (Cheon Ho-Jin) and Jang Ok-Boon (Cha Hwa-Yeon) have been married for many years and they have 4 children: Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan), Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah), Na-Hee (Lee Min-Jung) and Da-Hee (Lee Cho-Hee).

Third child Na-Hee is a doctor and she works with her husband Doctor Kyu-Jin (Lee Sang-Yeob) at the same hospital. They fell in love during their medical school days and got married, but their marriage life is not doing very well. Meanwhile, the first child Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan) and the second child Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah) are both divorcees and live with their parents. The youngest child Da-Hee struggles as an intern at a company.


  1. Once Again Torrent Files takes over KBS2’s Saturday & Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” and followed by “Oh! Samkwang Villa” September 19, 2020.

Once Again Torrent Files

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Once Again.E73-74.E37.200801.720p-NEXT.mp4

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Once Again.E55-56.E28.200628.720p-NEXT.mp4

Once Again.E53-54.E27.200627.720p-NEXT.mp4

Once Again.E51-52.E26.200621.720p-NEXT.mp4

Once Again.E51-52.E26.200621.720p.mp4

Once Again.E49-50.E25.200620.720p.mp4

Once Again.E49-50.E25.200620.720p-NEXT.mp4

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Once Again

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