One Day

One Day kim nam-gil (어느날)
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  • Movie: One Day (어느날)
  • Release Date:  April 5, 2017
  • Runtime: 114 minutes


One Day is about a man who sees the soul of a woman in a coma one day while his wife dies and lives without hope. A work that tells the story of a woman’s smile when they meet each other.

The special poster released catches the eye with a smiling smile (Chun Woo-hee) walking down the street full of cherry blossom petals and Kang-su (Kim Nam-gil) looking into the distance as if indifferent. Smile, who has become a soul and can see the new world, is happy looking at the falling cherry blossoms, and Kangsu, who goes out on the road to fulfill her request, is enjoying the spring atmosphere while wearing a frown as if he is annoyed. It radiates and makes viewers smile.

‘Lee Kang-soo’ is an employee of a life insurance company who finds out ‘Nylon patients’ who unfairly steal insurance money.After his wife, who was suffering from an incurable disease, passed away recently, he loses the will to live and commutes to and from work like his machine.

One Day

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One Day

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