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  • Movie: Our Love Story (연애담)
  • Release Date: November 17, 2016
  • Air Time: 99 minutes


Our Love Story, which also won the grand prize in the Korean competition section of the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival, tells the happiest and warmest moments of Yoon-ju (Lee Sang-hee) and Ji-soo (Ryu Seon-young).

Yoon-ju, an art graduate student in the midst of preparing for her graduation exhibition, feels attracted to Ji-soo, who she sees at a junk dealer who stops by to buy materials for her work. In the midst of repeated coincidences and intentional encounters, the two cautiously start dating. Even if you are alone, happy moments continue to the point where you can’t stand the laughter that comes out of the room. But the joy cannot be the same. Yoon-ju, who is engrossed in love, begins to creak in preparations for the exhibition. The same goes for their relationship.

Director Lee Hyeon-joo, who was in charge of directing this work, made a film about lesbians in the feature film following the short story. Regarding this, director Lee said, “I thought it would be better to make a movie about love that can be gained through adventure and courage rather than meeting naturally.” Director Lee continued, “I think ‘Our Love Story’ is the story of Yoon Ju’s growth. In that respect, ‘Yoon-ju”s ‘I want to do it’ line in the film requires a lot of courage, and I think this is the key point of ‘Love Story’,” she added.

Our Love Story

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Our Love Story

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