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  • Name: Paik’s Spirit (백스피릿)
  • Release Date: October 1, 2021
  • Network: Netflix
  • Episodes: 6
  • Runtime: 55 min.


Paik’s Spirit is a Netflix series in which Baek Jong-won meets people from various fields representing Korea and talks about life and everything about alcohol that he did not know about alcohol under the theme of a different Korean alcohol every time. The production team of ‘Street Food Fighter’, which captivated viewers’ eyes and ears with fresh planning and sensuous visual beauty as the first Netflix debut by Baek Jong-won, Korea’s leading culinary researcher and restaurant operator, worked together.

Singers Jay Park and Loco, actors Han Ji-min, Lee Jun-ki, Na Young-seok PD, volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, and actress Kim Hee-ae are expected to appear in guests.

PD Park Hee-yeon, who worked with him on ‘Street Food Fighter’ prior to ‘Paik’s Spirit’, said about Baek Jong-won’s charm, “He has so many charms, but his favorite among them is that he is a real person.”

PD Park said, “If you create an environment where you can tell what you want to express well, you are the one who makes very good stories and very good expressions within it.” He said, “I focused only on creating an environment.”

Regarding the difference from the existing programs, “The content is completely different from ‘Street Food Fighter’. The biggest difference is that the teacher is a person who listens very well to people’s stories and has another talent to bring out the stories in them. I think that this was not shown much. He showed that part very well this time, and the people who were with him brought it out well together.” He added, “I think the biggest difference is that it contains the story of the life of a person who works with a teacher.”

Paik’s Spirit 

  Paik's (unknown, 20 hits)

Paik’s Spirit

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