Peach of Time (Movie)

Peach of Time (Movie)/ 피치 오브 타임
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  • Movie: Peach of Time (Movie)/ 피치 오브 타임
  • Release Date: October 21, 2021
  • Duration: 110 minutes


Actor Choi Jae-hyun, who plays ‘Yoon-oh,” and Jimmy Khan Krisanapan, who plays ‘Peach’, are already gaining popularity among fans as a ‘Yoon-oh + Peach couple’.

‘Pitch of Time’ is a bromance that depicts the story of Yoon-oh, who has become a ghost, and Peach, who goes to the sky to send such a friend to the sky, transcending the borders of this world and the afterlife, and gradually learns the secrets of death and feelings for each other.

In ‘Pitch of Time’, in addition to these actors, Korean and Thai actors such as Jeong Ae-yeon and Tommy Sitti-chok Puekfulpol collaborate and emotionally transcend national boundaries and successfully communicate. It not only appeals to the BL genre fan base, but also enhances the dramatic perfection with a solid narrative structure that introduces various characters and turns their pain into happiness through the stories of the characters.

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Peach of Time (Movie)

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