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펜트하우스 / The Penthouse
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Penthouse 3 is a suspense revenge play at No.1 house price and No.1 education with a distorted desire that cannot be satisfied. ‘Penthouse’, which shook Korea with a story that paralyzed the eyes and ears, achieved the highest rating of 31.1% at the moment in the final episode of Season 1, reaching a record of over 30% in 5 years among the terrestrial mini-series, Season 2, In the drama world, a new history of drama was written with a wide move that again broke its own record with the highest viewership rating of 31.5%.

  • Drama: Penthouse 3 (펜트하우스 3)
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: June 4 – September 10, 2021
  • Air Time: Friday 22:00 – 23:10
  • Official Website


On the 28th, a video titled ‘Eugene × Kim So-yeon × Ji-ah, 3 People 3 Color Character Video’ was uploaded on Naver’s official channel for SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’and received the attention of fans.

In this video, Cheon Seo-Jin (Kim So-Yeon), Shim Su-Ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah), and Oh Yoon-Hee (Eugene) gave off an atmosphere that was completely assimilated to the characters of Season 3.

First of all, Cheon Seo-jin appeared wearing an intense red leather jacket, and said, “Do you think you can confine me? What are you like? I am Cheon Seo-jin?”

Shim Su-Ryeon, who appeared with a cynical expression wearing a white shirt and folded arms, replied, “This time, I will stop breathing. I will deal with it as much as I can.”

Finally, Oh Yoon-hee, who appeared in a blue suit and calmly appeared, said, “I will definitely find it. Even if the bloody wind blows in Hera Palace,” she made attention to what she was looking for in the future.

On the other hand, in’Penthouse 2’, there was an ending as if Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok), who came to meet Shim Su-Ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah), died in a car terrorist attack.


  1. Penthouse 3 will replace Taxi Driver and will be followed by One the Woman.
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Penthouse 3

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Penthouse 3

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