Phoenix 2020

Phoenix 2020 불새 2020
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Phoenix 2020 depicts what happens when a rich woman and a poor man marry only with love and then divorce after the economic situation reverses. As a 16-year remake of the topical work with the same name, which aired in 2004, it stimulates viewers nostalgia before the broadcast, drawing attention to the return of a new masterpiece.

  • Drama: Phoenix 2020 (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bulsae 2020
  • Hangul: 불새 2020
  • Director: Lee Hyeon-Jik
  • Writer: Lee Yoo-Jin
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 120
  • Release Date: October 26, 2020 – April, 2021
  • Runtime: Monday – Friday 08:40-09:10
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Ji-Eun (Hong Soo-A) is the daughter of a wealthy chaebol family. She is bright, humorous, beautiful and smart. Ji-Eun meets Se-Hoon (Lee Jae-Woo), who runs a small furniture workshop. Unlike Ji-Eun, Se-Hoon comes from a poor family background. He was once the top student at a prestigious university, but he had to drop out due to his sick mother.

Nevertheless, Ji-Eun falls deeply in love with Se-Hoon. She confesses her feelings to him. Se-Hoon is also in love with Ji-Eun, but he turns her down due to the extreme differences in their backgrounds. Eventually, Se-Hoon is unable to bury his feelings any longer and they decide to marry. Ji-Eun’s father constantly interferes in their marriage and Se-Hoon becomes tired of his father-in-law’s meddling. Making things worse, Ji-Eun experiences a miscarriage. She leaves Se-Hoon shortly afterwards.

10 years later, their lives have changed drastically. Ji-Eun works as a housemaid and she struggles to support her family. She is also burdened by the debt left behind by her late father. Meanwhile, Se-Hoon as William Jang runs the successful U.S. cosmetic company Cosmetic Cherokee. He returns to South Korea.


  1. Phoenix 2020 Torrent Files takes over SBS’ weekday 08:40 time slot previously occupied by “Mom Has an Affair.”

Phoenix 2020 Torrent Files

From Episode 46

Phoenix 2020.E45.201225.720p-NEXT.mp4

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Phoenix 2020.E43.201223.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E42.201222.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E41.201221.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E40.201218.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E39.201217.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E38.201216.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E37.201215.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E36.201214.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E35.201211.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E34.201210.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E33.201209.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E32.201208.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E31.201207.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E30.201204.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E29.201203.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E28.201202.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E27.201201.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E26.201130.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E25.201127.720p-NEXT

Phoenix 2020.E24.201126.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E23.201125.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E22.201124.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E21.201123.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E20.201120.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E19.201119.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E18.201118.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E17.201117.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E16.201116.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E15.201113.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E14.201112.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E13.201111.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E12.201110.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E11.201109.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E10.201106.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E09.201105.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E08.201104.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E07.201103.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E06.201102.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E05.201030.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E04.201029.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E03.201028.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E02.201027.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020.E01.201026.720p-NEXT.mp4

Phoenix 2020

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