Plant, Cafe, Warmth

Plant Cafe, Warmth (식물카페, 온정)
A Cup of Coffee at
  • Movie: Plant Cafe, Warmth (식물카페, 온정)
  • Release Date: June 24, 2021
  • Runtime: 75 min.


Plant Cafe, Warmth is a film that makes you listen to the episodes of wandering youths, insisting on the minimal requirements of a space with plants and dialogue between characters.

The main character, Hyeon-jae ( Kang Gil-woo ) , who used to be a military photographer , has the pain of putting down the camera due to the trauma of the Pakistan War. As he recalls childhood memories of his grandfather’s arboretum, he gains strength to live again from plants. The film slowly builds up the encounters and trivial conversations that occur when guests with their own stories come to the plant cafe with their companion plants.

A woman who has given up on the civil service exam she has been preparing for for a long time, a young couple struggling between desire and reality, and a pregnant woman who has retired before giving birth appear one after another and divulge secrets as if she is a public servant.

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Plant, Cafe, Warmth

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