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Princess Prosecutor is about Ma Hye Ri is a woman with an excellent memory and ability to focus, which allowed her to pass the bar exam with ease. Despite her talents, she is more interested in being fashionable and dislikes hard work, so she is far from being an ideal prosecutor and has doubts about her suitability for her job. Through her conflicts with senior colleages and struggles with difficult cases, however, Hye Ri gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice.

  • Drama: Prosecutor Princess
  • Revised romanization: Geomsa Peurinseseu
  • Hangul: 검사 프린세스
  • Director: Jin Hyeok
  • Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: March 31 – May 20, 2010
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55


Ma Hae-Ri (Kim So-Yeon) was an overweight child, but with hard training overseen by her mother, she grew to have a near perfect figure. She has an incredible memory and ability to focus which helped her to eventually pass the bar exam. After her bar exam, Ma Hae-Ri studied further at the Judicial Research & Training Institute to become a prosecutor. Ma Ha-Ri received great scores and had no difficulties become a prosecutor.

At first, Ma Hae-Ri had doubts about her abilities to become a prosecutor. But with practice and several cases she excelled at her job and got the nickname Mata Hari. “Female Prosecutor Mata Hari” covers her life and her relationship with two men …


  1. Prosecutor Princess takes over the time slot previously occupied by SBS drama “Bad Guy“.

Prosecutor Princess

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Princess Prosecutor

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