Private Life 사생활

Private Life

by monabac

“Private Life” is a refreshing drama that takes place during the current age in which people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives. The drama is about con artists mobilizing all their techniques to disclose the nation’s major “private life.” In addition to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Kim Young Min, the drama also stars Go Kyung Pyo who recently returned from the military, and Kim Hyo Jin who is returning to the small screen for the first time in eight years.

  • Drama: Private Life (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Sasaenghwal
  • Hangul: 사생활
  • Director: Nam Gun
  • Writer: Yoo Sung-Yeol
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: September, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30


Swindlers come across a secret of the nation and try to reveal the secret. They must go up against a large company by using all of their skills.

Lee Jung-Hwan (Ko Gyung-Pyo) is a team leader for the major corporation. He looks like an ordinary company employee, but he is a mysterious figure. Cha Joo-Eun (Seohyun) is a swindler, who has the looks of a sweet & innocent woman. She supports herself with her crimes. Jung Bok-Ki (Kim Hyo-Jin) is a professional swindler. She often targets other swindlers. She is elegant and also charismatic. Kim Jae-Wook (Kim Young-Min) is Jung Bok-Ki’s partner in crime.


  1. Private Life Torrent Files takes over JTBC’s Wed. & Thu. 21:30 time slot previously occupied by “Was It Love.”

Private Life Torrent Files

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