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Rebirth is about Yu Gang-Hyuk was only 7 years old when his father was murdered in a car “accident” and separated from his identical twin, Yu Shin-Hyuk. He forgot his name and family and given the name Suh Ha-Eun by his adopted father Suh Jae-soo. He falls in love with his adopted sister, Eun-ha and tried to be very honorable about it. He was led to become a cop because of his father’s badge.

While investigating an alleged case of suicide, he eventually learns of his twin brother. Against the warnings of his peers, Ha-Eun becomes more and more involved in this suspicious case. As a part of a larger scheme, Ha-Eun is targeted for a hit by unknown individuals.

And when Ha-Eun and Shin-Hyuk finally meet for the first time after twenty years, the murderers kill Shin-Hyuk accidentally mistaken him for Ha-Eun. As a result, Ha-Eun vows to get revenge by giving his enemies psychological torture and takes on his brother’s persona as an undercover cop and that is where the drama begins… This is a wonderful detective drama with a psychological twist.

  • Drama: Rebirth
  • Revised romanization: Buhwal
  • Hangul: 부활
  • Director: Park Chan-Hong, Jeon Chang-Keun
  • Writer: Kim Ji-Woo, Lee Shin-Seo
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: June 1 – August 18, 2005


Ha-Eun’s life has never been easy. At a young age, Ha-Eun’s father died in a car accident. He is forced to move in with Mr. Seo whose gambling problems disrupted the family. Ha-Eun finds solace with his caretaker’s daughter, Eun-Ha. With only a high school education, the bright youngster follows his dreams of joining the police force. In the violent crimes division, he relies on his instincts and intuition to bring closure to unsolved mysteries.

After many years of believing his father’s death was an accident, he finds himself facing his own questions about the past. After reopening the investigation into his father’s accidental death, he discovers the truth about what really happened. Ha-Eun tracks down his twin brother, who he had believed to have died years ago, and the two share a short reunion. Mr. Seo’s daughter, Eun-Ha found happiness in the companionship of Ha-Eun.


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