Recalled (내일의 기억)
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Recalled depicts what happens when Soo-Jin (Seo Ye-Ji) , who wakes up from losing her memory in an accident, begins to see the dangerous future of her neighbors while living in the care of her caring husband, Ji-Hoon (Kim Kang-Woo).

It has been expected as a thriller movie that will be released after a long time, but the lead actor Seo Ye-ji is surrounded by various suspicions such as gas lighting, school violence, and forgery of educational background, and interest is pouring out of the work.

  • Movie: Recalled (내일의 기억)
  • Air Date: April 21, 2021
  • Duration: 99 minutes
  • Official Website


Film critic Jeon Chan-il, who appeared in the broadcast, said, “The title is the point,” and said, “It is an exciting movie in which the future of tomorrow and the past and present of memories are freely mixed.” He added, “If you don’t like watching movies while wearing your head, it’s a movie you’ll hate, and if you like intellectual stimulation, you’ll like it.”

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