‘Record of Youth’ Park Bo-gum challenged the third generation of chaebol

'Record of Youth' Park Bo-gum challenged the third generation of chaebol
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Record of YouthPark Bo-gum challenged the third generation of chaebol that is different from reality “Spooning is just a tool for an actor”

Park Bo-gum kept his beliefs and stepped closer to the actor’s dream.

In episode 4 of tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Record of Youth‘, which aired on September 15, Sa Hye-jun (played by Park Bo-gum) was drawn to challenge the role of a conglomerate in the movie.

On this day, Sa Hye-jun declared a bomb when his father, Sa Young-nam (played by Park Soo-young), entered the house, saying, “Dad, I decided to appear in a movie.” As a result, Sa Young-nam threw the meat he had bought for Sa Hye-jun, who was about to join the military, and was angry, saying, “Someone got the wind again.” Ae-sook released Sa Young-nam, who had been caught, and said, “I let you go. I will live what I want to do now,” he said. Sa Young-nam said that Sa Hye-joon would not be able to take care of it anymore. When he insisted that the man should feed his wife and child, Aesuk said, “Let’s open our children’s breath. I hope my kids live a better life than me. I still want to do it, but I hope it’s not me who breaks that dream. Not even you.” Yeongnam said, “Don’t regret later. It’s the timing of my life.”

'Record of Youth' Park Bo-gum challenged the third generation of chaebol

Sa Hye-joon said, “Thank you, Mom,” while holding love. Ae-sook said, “My mother is always selfish. It could be a bad mother later.” Hyejun smiled, saying, “I like my bad mother.”

Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) looked at the umbrella that Sa Hye-jun gave before going to work and said, “Are you disappointed that I lied? Or is it burdensome just because I like it? Why didn’t you contact me?” he wondered. At this time, a phone call came from Sa Hye-jun. Sa Hye-jun suggested to meet Ahn Jung-ha.

Sa Hye-jun gave a certificate of enrollment in Senior Model Academy to Min-ki Sa (played by Han Jin-hee). “You said you wanted to model. I think this is perfect for my grandfather. Even if you don’t like it, you can meet people and play.” When Sa Min-gi refused, Hye-jun smiled, saying, “You can go back and do it yourself.”

Sa Hye-jun visited Lee Min-jae (played by Shin Dong-mi) and said that he decided to appear in the movie, “I will do it.” Lee Min-jae said, “I like it so much,” and cheered strongly. When Lee Min-jae said, “You are not too ambitious,” Sa Hye-jun said, “My rival is me. I will fight myself. I don’t want to compete with others.”

When Sa Hye-jun met Ahn Jung-ha and said, “The manager says that I have no ambition,” he said, “I like a man without ambition.” When Sa Hye-joon asked, “When did you dedicate me?”

“How long have I wanted to meet you?” Also, how many things would I have to say,” he said, “I can’t do it with my mind,” and drank together. “I really wanted to say thank you when I met you,” and said, “I started to empathize with the virtues I started because I was handsome, and I felt healed.” So Hye-jun Sa said, “Thank you. “It feels good to be a person who says it was helpful to someone,” he smiled. “I think there is a limit to holding on to people only by their appearance. I have never liked my appearance.”

In the past, Sa Youngnam told Hyejun, I’m worried about your handsome face. People have to work hard. Doesn’t it cost money to see your handsome face?”, “I like people who reflect. I hate people who make things unpredictable. I keep promises. “I like people,” he said, “I wish someone loved by you.” Sa Hye-jun said, “Don’t look at him with those eyes. I have to go through all of my likes and dislikes so that I can get along with me.”

G. hyejun Let’s look at again determined “Yes. I’m afraid not just the high snow. Then who in the world could” he said “you know that I mean do they have all the deokjil two injections? grief,” he said. “There must be a reason why Jinju (played by Jo Ji-seung), who was drunk on, became so. I must have given you some reason. How can a person bully a person for no reason. “I’ve done it wrong.” Sa Hye-jun comforted such an Ahn Jung-ha by saying, “Pay your sins” as she did.”I have never loved any man,” he confessed to being calm.

The next day, Lee Min-jae came to pick up Sa Hye-jun, and asked him to get on the back seat and listed the schedule. When asked why Sa Hye-jun had him in the back seat, Lee Min-jae said, “You are my star now. I hope that the sense of privilege is in the body. Dodo. I will make it like Bon2Vista.” Sa Hye-jun sat next to Lee Min-jae and said, “The dream I want to achieve is to be with my sister. If my values ​​and my sister’s values ​​are different, then my sister should follow me. My dream is to become a simple star.” Lee Min-jae said, “Yes, I like this. I could have said that I was your manager against this point.” Sa Hye-jun said, “I will do what I want to protect and I will do it.”

Sa Hye-jun received makeup from Jeong-ha and said, “Drink only with me in front of you. It’s so cute.” “Recognition. I hear too much of that.” When Sa Hye-jun looked back at him, Jung-ha said, “I’m sorry, I lied. I hear a lot of saying that it’s pretty,” he joked.

Sa Hye-joon went into the building to read the script and said, “In our generation, there is a superficial class theory. At first, the class was extremely disgusted. There is no spirit in the superclass theory. I don’t have the sense of security, honesty, and sincerity I received from my parents.” Afterwards, I met Doha Park (played by Kim Gunwoo), the main character of the movie. When Doha Park was sarcastic, Sa Hye-jun made fun of, “At first, I flinched because you were the main character, and then I thought about the role, so I laughed.”

Sa Hye-jun faced Do-ha Park, who was divided into 3rd generation chaebol in the play at the movie set. The director praised Sa Hye-joon’s acting, and Sa Hye-joon threw a fist at Park Do-ha for acting. Sa Hye-jun said, “Park Do-ha in front of me was my dream. Met again. It’s different from then. Today I knew why I wanted to be an actor. To an actor, the spoon is just a tool to use when eating.”



‘Record of Youth’ Park Bo-gum challenged the third generation of chaebol

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