Red Shoes

Red Shoes (빨강 구두)
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Red Shoes is a heartless mother who has turned away from the bond of blood and flesh for her own success and left in search of love and desire, and can’t stop because of her revenge. It tells the story of a daughter who falls into the cycle of desire.

  • Drama: Red Shoes (빨강 구두)
  • Network: KBS1
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: July 5, 2021 –
  • Air Time: Monday – Friday 19:50
  • Official Website


‘Red Shoes’ is a comeback work by Hwang Soon-Young, who has proven his potential with unconventional and interesting material and non-contributive lines in 7 years.

This time, attention is drawn to the fact that it will dominate the small screen with a conflicting composition between the carefully designed worldview and the sharply clashing characters. In addition to this, director Park Ki-hyeon, who directed ‘Only Walk the Flower Path’, adds his unique and delicate directing power, raising curiosity as it raises the level of immersion in human nature and inner psychology.

Choi Myung-gil (Min Hee-kyung), So E-Hyun (Kim Gemma), Park Yoon-jae (Yoon Ki-seok), Ban Hyo-jeong (Choi Sook-ja), Seon Woo Jae-deok (Kwon Hyuk-sang), Choi Young-wan (Kwon Su-yeon) Reverse) leads the play densely with delicate and deep expressive powers that fluctuate emotional lines such as revenge, hatred, and anger.

In addition, expectations are high for the charm and chemistry of honest and confident young men and women drawn by Shin Jeong-yoon (Yoon Hyun-seok) and Jung Yu-min (Kwon Hye-bin), who have warm visuals and differentiated expressive power. In addition, the role of the supporting actors who hold the key to the secret takes up a significant portion, adding to the curiosity about the fantastic synergy that actors with various personalities will show.

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Red Shoes

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