Return (2022)

Return (환혼) Lee Jae-Wook
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  • Drama: Return (환혼)
  • Network: tvN
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  • Air Date: 2022 —
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Return is a fantasy romance drama in which the protagonists who have their fates twisted due to the magic of remarriage to change their souls overcome this and grow up in a great country that does not exist in history or maps. Writers Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran, who wrote dramas such as ‘Hotel Del Luna‘, met with director Park Jun-hwa, who directed ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘ and ‘Touch Your Heart‘.

Lee Jae-wook takes on the role of Jang-wook, a noble but bad-tempered master of the Jang family. Jang-wook is a mischievous master with the secret of his birth that is talked about by people all over the country. He is on the right path to destiny because of the best seller in the world (Jung So-min), who he finds while resolving his life’s dissatisfaction with his bones.

Jung So-min takes on the role of Mu-Deok, who is the best seller in the world. Mu-Deok is a character with a charismatic soul and a weak body that does not follow her will. As a person who becomes Jang-wook’s attendant and secret teacher, she is said to teach master Jang-wook in a heinous way, and attention is focused on the priestly chemistry of the evil master Jeong So-min and the rogue disciple Lee Jae-wook.

Hwang Min-hyeon takes on the role of Seo-yul, a genius nobleman from the Seo clan in the great country. Seo-yul, the owner of a non-irritating, mundane beauty, who has a dull sense of reality due to being overly perfect without missing anything, such as literature, personality, and appearance, has a secret love affair for a girl.

Shin Seung-ho takes on the role of Go Won, the Crown Prince of the Great Patriotic Kingdom and the petty grumpy prince. Go Won, who aims to be a generous and benevolent monarch, is a prince who reveals his inner feelings only in front of him after being discovered by Moo Deok-i, who has a mean and human side.

Yoo Jun-sang takes on the role of Park Jin, the head of Songrim, the largest business in the Great Patriotic Country, adding a hefty sense of weight. Park Jin is a gifted leader who is respected by young magicians for his stormy charisma and delicate leadership. However, his best friend’s son, Jang Wook-man, who treats him like his son, does not become like his heart and always has children.

Oh Na-ra takes on the role of Kim Do-joo, a butler and powerful woman in the Jang family. Kim Do-joo is a person who takes care of all the affairs of the Jang family. She is a neat, arrogant and strong man, but only weak in front of Jang-wook.

Jo Jae-yoon joined the role of Jin-mu, a lieutenant governor of Cheonbu, who hid his evil ambitions and ascended to a public office. Jin-mu is a character who practices taboo magic to achieve his ambitions.

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Return (2022)

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