Romance of Their Own

Romance of Their Own Gang dong-won (늑대의 유혹)/ Temptation of Wolves
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  • Movie: Romance of Their Own (늑대의 유혹)/ Temptation of Wolves
  • Release Date: July 23, 2004
  • Runtime: 113 minutes


Romance of Their Own shows the confrontation between Hae-won (Jo Han-seon) and Tae-seong (Gang Dong-won), the best of the two schools, with Han-gyeong (Lee Cheong-ah), who transferred to the school between them.

Haewon is handsome, fights and has both a motorcycle and a car. Of course, there is no woman that he didn’t take pictures of. Hae-won likes Han-Kyung, but Han-Kyung, who has a lot of wormwood, likes her like other girls, so she doesn’t make a fuss and is just calm. On the other hand, Tae-seong, who is the best at the next school, combines kindness with similar conditions as Hae-won. Hae-won calls Han-kyung “sister” and follows her around.

In reality, the two turn out to be an older sister and a younger brother, and Tae-Sung leaves for a foreign country because he can’t love her older sister. The dignified youth water is nowhere and flows in a new wave that stimulates the tear glands. Even the good point of the laughter that you sowed is taken away.

Romance of Their Own

  Romance of Their (75.3 KiB, 17 hits)


Romance of Their Own

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