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Rookie Cops (너와 나의 경찰수업) torrent
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  • Drama: Rookie Cops (너와 나의 경찰수업)
  • Network: Disney+
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: January 26, 2022


Rookie Cops depicts the life of the police college campus of dazzling, passionate young people who are fearless and have no answers, but are full of enthusiasm. Clumsy and full of mistakes, the 20-year-old youth who shines more than anyone else, and the ambitious exit ticket of the police dreamers who will turn the police academy upside down, give pleasant laughter and excitement.

The first posters and trailers, which were released with a lot of interest, arouse excitement with fresh youthful energy. Eight new students from the police academy gathered in one place, led by Wi Seung-hyeon (Kang Daniel) and Ko Eun-kang (Chae Soo-bin). The smiles on the faces of the young people who sat leaning on each other sit down.

Although tomorrow is unknown, the twinkling eyes of those who run towards their dream of being a ‘police’ are full of excitement and enthusiasm. As 8 people and 8 colorful, brightly colored youths gather together, I wonder how noisy the police academy will be. Here, the phrase ‘The real class of young people without answers begins’ adds to the anticipation. Attention is focused on the tumultuous growth period of young people who are at the starting line of their lives, and those who can only go straight.

In the first trailer that was released together, the adaptation period of freshmen entering the police academy is also exciting. In a world that is inversely proportional to passion, the clumsy youth’s daily life provokes laughter. But the youth do not stop here. The odd survival period to break the mold begins.

The eight young people who go back and forth between friends and enemies at the police academy that is like a battlefield every day and build unusual friendships. The appearance of “Let’s not change our friendship, we will go together until the end” raises expectations for their growth. From the quarrelsome chemistry to the thrilling romance and the unstoppable investigation into the chaos, we are already looking forward to the performances of the young stars who are looking for their own answer, not the world’s answer.

Above all, expectations are focused on the synergy of Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin. Kang Daniel, who took his first steps as an actor, took on the role of ‘Wi Seung-hyeon’, who has a sense of justice that cannot be tolerated when he sees injustice. Chae Soo-bin, who has established herself as a representative youth actor with a wide acting spectrum, takes on the role of ‘Go Eun-kang’, a problematic freshman with a straight-forward instinct, and transforms into acting.

Here, Lee Shin-young plays Kim Tak, a freshman from the national youth judo team, and Park Yuna plays Ki-na, a freshman who doesn’t miss the first place. In addition, Park Seong-joon plays the role of ‘Dae-il Yoo’ in the police drama ‘Deokhu’, Min Do-hee plays ‘Woo Joo-young’, a freshman from a science high school who dreams of becoming a scientific investigator, Kim Woo-seok as ‘Seo Beom-joo’, a new student with a reversal of dance skills, and Ulzzang From freshman Shin-A-ri to Cheon Young-min, actors full of personality gather to complete the youth campus.

The production team said, “‘Rookie Cops’ is a youthful romance story as well as a strong growth period for police dreamers. The dynamic growth story of young people will give you a pleasant laugh and a thrilling sympathy.”

Rookie Cops 

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Rookie Cops

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