Scandal in Old Seoul

Scandal in Old Seoul 경성스캔들
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  • Drama: Scandal in Old Seoul (경성스캔들)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: June 6 – August 2, 2007


Scandal in Old Seoul sheds light on the youth of four people living in colonial Joseon during the Japanese colonial period in the early 1930s. Although the country is in a bleak situation in which ‘the field is robbed of even spring’ due to the Japanese oppression, just as people are born and love sprouts on the battlefield, even in Gyeongseong at that time, they walked the streets of Modern Boys and Modern Girls, and free love emerged against pre-modern ethics.

The main character, Seon Woo-wan (Kang Ji-hwan), is also a famous modern boy in Gyeongseong, who is living happily as he wants to forget the pain of losing his older brother during the independence movement at the suggestion of a close friend. Na Yeo-kyung (Han Ji-min) stands at the opposite point of Seon-woo-wan. She runs a night school following the beliefs of her father, who lost his life while fighting for independence. She is nicknamed ‘Cho Maja’, meaning the last woman of Joseon.

Scandal in Old Seoul (55.8 KiB, 93 hits)


Scandal in Old Seoul

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