‘Search’ Jang Dong-yoon X Krystal ‘Three special chemistry unique’

'Search' Jang Dong-yoon X Krystal 'Three special chemistry unique'
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Search‘ will open on October 17th.

OCN Dramatic Cinema ‘Search‘ is a military thriller drama containing the story of the most elite search team organized to uncover the secrets of the mysterious disappearance and murder that began in the DMZ. Three special chemistry unique to ‘Search‘ that stimulates the desire to shoot the first broadcast were released on September 16th.

'Search' Jang Dong-yoon X Krystal

1. Military X Thriller, First Genre Combination

Search‘ is a work that attracted attention as a combination of two genres first shown in the drama ‘Military’ and ‘Thriller’. The mysterious accidents that occur in the Demilitarized Zone, the land of peace, which is the point of contact between the two Koreas, a special leased team to uncover them, and an unidentified ‘unknown enemy’ appearing in front of them. Elements that make you sweat in your hand are expected to be vividly contained in a unique genre called ‘military thriller’.

Here, the military uniform that increases combat power and the subtle tension that comes from the class difference between the characters also stimulates a different interest. It is predicted that this fall will set a new index for thriller dramas with genre elements added to the catching military concept.

2. Dong-yoon Jang X Krystal, Manny chemistry

The meeting of Jang Dong-yoon, who attempts to transform into an unconventional acting with the challenge of the first genre , and Soo-jung, who predicted a shining comeback as a perfect female character, focused attention from the casting stage. As the two actors representing the good-looking ‘Dog Ji-Sang’ and the high-spirited ‘Goyang-I-sang’, fans are looking forward to their ‘dog chemistry’ that will be depicted with contradictory charms in their works.

In response, the production crew said, “When Sergeant Yong Dong-jin (Jang Dong-yoon), armed with a burning sense of justice, becomes one person with the reconnaissance dog and goes to the lead of the search, Lt. Ye-rim Son (Krystal), a special team brain, revealed important clues one by one with a sharp touch and a keen eye. “I will do it.” This is the reason why the chemistry of the two actors, who are fully immersed in their respective characters in the images and videos released in advance, planted expectations for a new acting transformation, is already awaited.

3. Drama X Movie Encounter

Search‘ is the fourth work of OCN Dramatic Cinema that connects ‘Trap’, ‘Strangers are Hell’ and ‘Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation‘, which have been well-made genres through special collaboration between movies and dramas.

After achieving the expansion of the drama genre with an inspiring story and a cinematic sensational direction, this time it announced the birth of a new well-made military thriller genre.The production crew showed strong confidence, saying, “The’Search’ that the film crew has worked with is a work that boasts a cinematic finish.”



‘Search’ Jang Dong-yoon X Krystal ‘Three special chemistry unique’

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