Semantic Error

Semantic Error (시맨틱 에러)
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  • Drama: Semantic Error (시맨틱 에러)
  • Network: Watcha
  • Episodes: 8
  • Air Date: Feb 16, 2022 – Mar 10, 2022
  • Air Time: Wednesday, Thursday


Semantic Error is a drama based on a web novel of the same name. The fresh campus romance of the charming characters made the hearts of many people pound and received great love. As a result, it was also made into webtoons and animations. Each genre preserves its genre characteristics, but it captures the fun of the original ‘Semantic Error’ and elicits a hot response. Therefore, attention is focused on what kind of charm the drama will show.

The drama is a campus romance between Com-Gong, Sang-Woo (played by Park Jae-Chan), and the design that appears like an error in his perfectly woven daily life and Jae-Young (Park Seo Ham).

Semantic Error

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Semantic Error

11 thoughts on “Semantic Error

          1. how can I show you the error message? But it opens up this page with a whole lot of question marks and symbols. and nothing downloads.

            This is how some of the page looks.

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          2. Can you share a picture via Facebook page by messenger? or you upload it to Google Drive and share me a link? That will be a big Thank you!!! Cause I still can’t figure out what happened.

      1. After opening the link, it said “You need access”. Can you share with option “Anyone with the link can view.” Thank you!

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