Set Me Free

Set Me Free (거인)
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Set Me Free is a youth growth movie. However, it is different from the stories of adolescent growing pains such as bullying, higher education, and friendship. For the boys in ‘Set Me Free’, even the growing pains of children of their age is a luxury. They face the world with the desperate task of survival. They must survive while accepting the hypocrisy and meanness of adults as their own, lying and stealing, blaming their friends, and secretly reporting their friends to the police.

  • Movie: Set Me Free (거인)
  • Release Date: November 13, 2014
  • Runtime: 108 min.


17-year-old Young-Jae (Choi Woo-sik) lives in a group home called ‘Isaac’s House,’ which takes care of children who have nowhere to go after leaving the house of their irresponsible, incompetent, and even brazen father. ‘Isaac’s House’ is also not a place to welcome the gifted.

However, when his mother is absent, he cannot return to his father’s side, who wants to use himself and his younger brother to receive subsidies from religious facilities. cruel reality. He makes a living by stealing sponsored items and selling them at school.

In order not to be kicked out of the group home, he puts on a good face as much as possible, insults the head of the group home by calling him father and mother, and pretends to be a model student by saying that he will go to seminary to the church priest.

Neither the house of the past nor the house of the present can become a place where the gifted can stay. It is a life full of scars and a life with no way out. The hope of life that the gifted person puts forward on their own or outside is ‘theological school’. But there is another real hope. ‘I grew up quickly and made a lot of money so I can live with my younger brother’. I want to become an adult quickly and enjoy ordinary happiness. In a world that does not allow even simple happiness, Young-Jae becomes angry and resigns again.

Set Me Free 

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Set Me Free

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