Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars lee sung-kyung (별똥별)
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  • Drama: Shooting Stars (별똥별)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: April 22, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:40
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‘Shooting Stars’ means ‘Starry people who clean up the poop of the stars’, and it is a romantic comedy depicting the real story of people who shed blood, sweat, and tears to make them shine from behind the stars like the stars in the sky. Managers, public relations teams, reporters, etc., who are at the forefront of the entertainment industry, are expected to delightfully portray the intense earning life and heart-fluttering romance.

Lee Sung-kyung showed off her wild and lovely charms by playing the role of Oh Han-Byeol, the public relations team leader of Star Force Entertainment, who is ‘the world’s most useless worry about celebrities.’

Kim Young-dae, who took on the role of ‘Gong Tae-seong’, a star of stars and perfect superstar, showed off his eight-color charm by going back and forth between the ‘celebrity Gong Tae-seong’ that shakes the fans’ hearts and the ‘natural person Kong Tae-seong’ that overturns the clothes of the agency’s family.

Yoon Jong-hoon took on the role of ‘Kang Yoo-seong’, the first management team leader of Star Force Entertainment, who is called the unicorn of the manager world.

Kim Yun-hye, who plays the role of ‘Park Ho-young’, a hot-blooded manager from a bodyguard and the 2nd team leader of Star Force Entertainment, showed her pure passion and wealth.

Park So-jin, who plays the role of ‘Ki-Beum Jo’, a reporter from the entertainment department of On Star Ilbo, a ‘fact bomber’ (specializing in village murder) who is tired of the present life, heralded a different acting transformation with her impactful performance.

Young & Rich Tall & Handsome, Star Force Entertainment’s own lawyer, ‘Do Soo-hyuk’, Lee Jung-shin, showed his intellectual and sophisticated charm without regret.


  1. Shooting Stars will replace Bad and Crazy.

Shooting Stars (1.7 MiB, 474 hits)

Shooting Stars

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