Show Window: Queen’s House

Show Window: Queen's House (쇼윈도:여왕의 집) torrent
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  • Drama: Show Window: Queen’s House (쇼윈도:여왕의 집)
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: November 29, 2021–
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30


Show Window: Queen’s House is a mystery melodrama depicting the story of a woman who supports her husband’s affair without knowing she is her husband’s lover. A psychological game that will be deceived and deceived between the characters and developed in an exciting way will entice viewers.

First, Song Yoon-ah plays Han Seon-joo, who has everything from beauty, intelligence, and wealth. Han Seon-joo, who helped her husband with excellent resourcefulness and raised children with a meticulous personality, is truly the best wife and mother. However, when an invasion from the outside creates a crack in the perfect home she has built, she goes to war to stop it. It is noteworthy how Song Yoon-ah will portray the life of Han Seon-joo, who is suddenly engulfed in the vortex of her life, with her luxurious acting.

Lee Seong-jae takes on the role of Han Seon-joo’s husband, Shin Myung-seop. Shin Myung-seop is a modern-day male Cinderella who is married to Han Seon-joo and is step-by-step on the promotion course at his mother-in-law’s company, Lachen Group. He is also a great man who is faithful to his family. However, he feels intense curiosity for a woman other than his wife, and eventually crosses the line that should not be crossed and causes catastrophe. Lee Seong-jae’s solid acting skills will vividly portray Shin Myung-seop’s emotional changes and increase viewers’ immersion.

Jeon So-min takes on the role of Yoon Mi-ra, a new woman who shakes Shin Myung-seop’s heart. Yoon Mi-ra, who boasts a beautiful appearance and charm that stands out everywhere, is a person who is faithful to her desires. She covets Han Seon-joo’s husband, Shin Myung-seop, and plays a fierce psychological game. Jeon So-min, who is synonymous with a cute and lovely image, is expecting a shocking transformation through the role of Yoon Mi-ra.

On the other hand, Hwang Chan-sung was named Han Seon-joo’s younger brother Han Jeong-won. Han Jeong-won, who has a positive and warm heart, trusts and relies on his older sister Han Seon-joo more than anyone else, and has the heart that he can do anything for her. It stimulates curiosity about how the friendship of a brother and sister so affectionate will affect the fierce psychological game in the ‘show window’.


  1. Song Yoon-ah x Lee Seong-jae x Jeon So-min’s ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ script reading released.

Show Window: Queen’s House 

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Show Window: Queen’s House

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