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  • Drama: Snowdrop (설강화)
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: December 18, 2021 – February 5, 2022
  • Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
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‘Snowdrop’ is set in Seoul in 1987 and tells the story of a desperate love story that goes against the era of Im Soo-Ho (Jung Hae-In), a prestigious university student who suddenly jumps into a dormitory at a women’s university in blood, and Eun Young-Ro (Kim Ji-Soo), a female college student who hides and heals him even in the midst of surveillance and crisis.

Kim Hye-yoon took on the role of Gye Boon-ok, a telephone operator at the dormitory. A character who happens to go out as a substitute and goes through a variety of things after that.

Kang Cheong-ya, played by Yoo In-na, is a surgeon at the National Medical Center, a doctor who gains trust with her abilities in the operating room, but also possesses a fatal charm that overwhelms any opponent at once. Yoo In-na is expected to perfectly play the role of Kang Cheong-ya, who is beautiful and intelligent, but does not know what is hiding inside, with her unique colorful charm.

SKY Castle‘ writer Yoo Hyun-mi and director Cho Hyun-tak once again collaborated.


  1. Snowdrop will replace Inspector Koo and will be followed by Weather People.

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  1. It’s 12 20 AM in korea right now. So the Episode already finished airing because it starts airing at 7 30 PM. I’m waiting so much 😩

  2. You’re the owner? My bad i didn’t knew. Thank you so so much for your hardwork 🙏. Hope you will continue to provide us all the 16 episodes. Once again, thank you ❤️.

  3. Understood. I’ve binged until Episode 9 and caught up just yesterday. That’s why i didn’t knew it will take more time for 1080p to come. Cool, I’ll settle with 720p one 😂❤️

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