So I Married an Anti-Fan

So I Married an Anti-Fan 그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다
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So I Married an Anti-Fan was confirmed that simultaneous broadcasts in 190 countries around the world were confirmed on the April 30th, 2021 through Naver, global platforms iQIYI and VIKI.

  • Drama: So I Married an Anti-Fan (그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다)
  • Network:Naver, iQIYI, Viki
  • Episodes: 32
  • Air Date: April 30, 2021–
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 18:00
  • Website


Based on a novel of the same name, So I married an anti-fan, it contains a romantic comedy between top star Hoo-Joon (Choi Tae-Joon)who is newly writing K-pop history and Lee Geun-Young (Choi Soo-young), a magazine reporter who is branded as his anti-fan.

Hwang Chan-sung takes on the role of JJ, the son of a conglomerate and the representative of Spigen Entertainment, and challenges his first villain performance in his life. In the drama, JJ is a person who plans to destroy Hoo-Joon’s honor and love, who has grown up as a top star.

So in the drama, Top star Hoo-Joon and anti-fan Lee Geun-Young not only have a hard romance, but also the intertwined stories of’ JJ’ (Hwang Chan-sung) and Oh In-hyeong (Han Ji-an), who have been distant now, are expected to unfold in an interesting way.


  1. So I Married an Anti-Fan is based on best-selling novel has been published in translations all over Asia, including China, Indonesia, and Thailand, and has also been produced as a webtoon and movie, which has been loved.
  2. The webtoon, which is exclusively published in the Naver series, is adapted based on the novel and drama revised in 2018, and contains completely different content from the comic book published in 2011.


So I Married an Anti-Fan

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  1. Hi..can you share file torrent this drama ? because every download this file become error. Thank you

  2. No download link here… FYI, I kind of like the one page with all the older links… these are nice too, because you can see about the show, but if you knew what you were looking for already (or several things), the single page was rather convenient, and just a favorite/bookmark away.

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