Socialphobia (소셜포비아)
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Socialphobia depicts a situation in which the perpetrators and victims of SNS are mixed up, and the process is interesting. The live video through SNS is also fresh.

  • Movie: Socialphobia (소셜포비아)
  • Release Date: March 12, 2015
  • Runtime: 102 min.


Social network services (SNS) are convenient. It’s also a fun game. But it can also be scary. This is because the negative effects of SNS are also serious.

A few years ago, people died in the tragedy of ‘hyeon-pi’ (a neologism that indicates that parties to a dispute on the web actually meet and lead to a fight). If you face the bad points head-on, at some point, you get creepy.

Netizens are outraged, and popular BJ Yang-ge (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) gathers people to go to Rena and scold her, and an 8-person Hyeon-pi expedition is formed. Ji-woong (Byun Yo-han) and Yong-min (Lee Joo-seung), aspiring police officers, are also with them.

The expedition team found Lena’s house while having a real-time word of mouth. But Lena was already dead. BJ Yangge was broadcasting live on the internet, and they became suspects in the murder. The Hyeonfi Expedition, which claims that Lena was murdered, is criticized by netizens. They even suspect that there is a murderer among them. Worried about whether there will be any disadvantage to the police exam, Ji-woong and Yong-min investigate whether her death was suicide or murder.

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