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  • Drama: Sponsor (스폰서)
  • Network: iHQ
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: February 2022–
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:30
  • Official Website


Sponsor is a romantic romance between four men and women who go out to find a sponsor who will satisfy their desires regardless of means and methods to get what they want. It is expected to captivate the small screen with an unconventional development that stimulates the five senses.

Lee Ji-hoon appears as Lee Seon-woo, a photojournalist and editor for a famous magazine. Although Lee Seon-woo boasts a gentle atmosphere with a warm smile, he possesses a heart for revenge.

Han Chae-young, who transforms into Han Chae-rin, the CEO of a beauty company that combines both beauty and wealth, will focus everyone’s attention with her charming and fatal aura. Han Chae-rin, who seems to lack nothing, is a person who continues to long for love in the loneliness that occupies a place in her heart. Surrounded by secret desires, she wonders what kind of wave she will cause at the center of a complicated relationship.

Ji E-Suu takes on the role of Park Da-som, a rising star of Korea, and plays an ambitious character who does not hesitate to make any decisions for success. Park Da-som is the owner of a harsh fate who struggles to protect her son who has a rare disease. Ji E-Suu shows off a dangerous tightrope between work and maternal love by demonstrating a high synchronicity with Park Da-som, who is bold yet bold.

Koo Ja-sung takes on the role of Hyun Seung-hoon, an aspiring model and Park Da-som’s husband. From poverty to his son suffering from an incurable disease, Hyun Seung-hoon, frustrated by the reality that does not go his way, sees a ray of hope in the depths of life. It is said that he makes everyone tremble with an unpredictable choice one step ahead of him, who repeatedly struggles between family and success.

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